The ETTAR project will involve three workshops and a final conference to which a larger audience will be invited in order to discuss the conclusions reached by the working groups. Background notes will be prepared in advance of the workshops and policy briefs will be produced in order to disseminate findings and recommendations. A final report will summarise these findings. In addition, a specification will be written for an e-learning tutorial that will be relevant to those working in this sector.

Since this event section is in development, detailed information on each ETTAR event will be added here as soon as possible.


Dialogue Forum, 9 September 2008, Brussels
Transport and the Environment
Sustainable Freight Transport Chains. Goal or myth?


Workshop 3, 17-18 April 2008, Berlin
Transport and the Environment
The road ahead: training and awareness-raising that will encourage the freight transport sector to improve its environmental performance

Participants of the workshops will include: technology developers; fuel producers; procurement department specialists and strategic planners from logistics companies, airlines and airports and government departments; academics; and public sector representatives including EU policy-makers and national policy-makers of EU 25, transport and town planners.

Areas to be discussed include use of alternative fuels; improved vehicle design; coordinated road, town and public transport planning; and the application of research into traffic information management and modelling systems.

The workshops will bring together a small number (around 30-40) of specialists representing different perspectives. Sessions will be led by one or two speakers, but with the emphasis on discussion and facilitated dialogue amongst peer groups rather than presentations. Workshops will focus not on dissemination of new research findings but on barriers to a transition towards adoption of more environmentally friendly transport strategies.

The objectives of the workshops are: Workshop 2, 24-25 January 2008, Prague
Transport and the Environment
Barriers to the take-up of more efficient transport and logistics planning and training and awareness raising methods

Workshop 1, 25-26 October 2007, Gothenburg
Transport and the Environment
Barriers to the take up of currently available lower carbon technologies